Senior Class officers to attend MIC Leadership Conference and PAC Meetings


Senior Class president Izak Orono browses through a website. Orono said he is currently looking for appropriate colleges to apply to.

Sam Shi

On Nov. 16, many of the school officers and Principal’s Advisory Committee (PAC) members will attend the Mid-Indiana Conference (MIC) Leadership Conference. Senior Class president Izak Orono said this conference will allow school leaders to connect on pertinent issues throughout their schools.

In addition, while Senior Class officers continue their break, they regularly attend PAC  Meetings with other students officials and administration of the school. PAC Meetings occur every Gold Wednesday, with the next meeting to be this Wednesday. Orono said one thing the members of the PAC Meetings have been discussing is a potential schedule change, such as lengthening fall break.

Orono said PAC Meetings are an opportunity for students’ to voice their feedback to the CHS administration.

“We discuss issues about the school, see what topics we can bring in, new initiatives, talking about things we want to see change, or future things that are changing, and they want to see our feedback, and being a representative of Senior Class, Sophomore Class, etcetera, it’s really about getting our feedback,” Orono said.

Senior Class co-sponsor Amanda Richmond said she thinks it is great that officers participate in PAC meetings because it allow an opportunity for students to speak about important decisions that directly affect them.