French Club to have a Christmas party

Daniel Lee

French Club will have an annual Christmas party in Room A223. Officers will release information regarding the party to members during their meeting on Dec. 7, according to sponsor Lisa Carroll.

Carroll said, “The Christmas party really depends on the officers and what they want to do. Some years we’ve watched a movie in French, and in others we brought in food and did a fondue type of thing. Some years we’ve even ordered in Mudbugs, but it usually involves food and some type of movie.”

President and senior Alexis O’Brien said members will follow traditions of gift giving from past French Club parties.

She said, “We always do a white elephant event during December, so everyone buys a gift for someone else. It’s kind of like secret santa but you don’t get assigned a specific person. We put our gifts in the middle and draw numbers to see which present we get. You can also choose to switch gifts with somebody.

O’Brien said French Club will try to incorporate as much French culture as possible, making the party a learning experience as well as a fun time.

She said, “During the Christmas party, we follow a lot of French traditions, so for example, we might make a French-style dessert during Christmas eve. We might talk about Christmas traditions in France and take part in them. The white elephant gift exchange doesn’t really have much to do with French culture, but it’s just a fun way to swap gifts.”