Rising Stars members to compete at Indiana Thespian Convention today, tomorrow

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By: Hera Ashraf <[email protected]>

Today, tomorrow and Sunday, Rising Stars members will head to the University of Indianapolis for the Indiana Thespian Convention.

About 30 students from this school will be attending the Thespian Convention, according to club sponsor Jim Peterson. The members have been preparing for the convention for several months and will participate in many different categories.

“Some will be competing for scholarships. Some will be competing in individual events like monologues, solo musical, duet humorous, etc. Many will perform the 30-minute cutting of ‘The Secret Garden.’ Some will be competing in technical design while others will be performing in the tech Olympics,” Peterson said.

Sarah Donaldson, Thespian participant and junior, said members participating in the conference are not only actors and performers. She said the Thespian Convention has various sections for crew members as well.

“All students who attend have to be either in the cutting or already a Thespian. Thespians are not just actors though…there are also numerous technical categories,” Donaldson said. “I think people sometimes forget that we have an award winning technical group at our school who are all Thespians. Elements varying from theatre design to lighting are all judged along with performance categories.”