CHTV plans ahead for second semester


Stephen Abshire, CHTV staff member and senior, takes a game broadcasted by other CHTV staff members and puts it on the schedule. Abshire did this on Jan. 11, when he spent B3 helping Kaiser.

Livvie Hurley

As the new semester starts, CHTV plans for coverage of sports and upcoming third quarter events. According to sponsor Anna Kaiser, the staff plans to submit projects to the Indiana Association of High School Broadcasters Conference in March, like they do every year. They also have brainstorming sessions frequently to come up with new ideas for announcement packages.

“Like any other publication here, we have our four different departments: news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle. We have several packages in each department coming up,” Kaiser said.

Every so often, the staff shifts positions. CHTV frequently rotates its announcers for live announcements and the people who cover each section. According to Stephen Abshire, CHTV staff member and senior, everyone likes to gain experience in each position.

Abshire said, “We’re definitely going to be changing our own positions. You’ll see a lot of new faces on the announcements because everyone likes to try positions, everyone tries something new each time, and the quality of our work is expected to go up, and I believe it will.”