Police, Principal respond to Feb. 8 incident


Manahil Nadeem

On Feb. 8, a male student wielding a knife approached a female student in the restroom. The principal’s and police’s statements about the incident are below.

Principal’s Message


In an effort to keep our school community informed, we want to share information on an incident that occurred this afternoon.  Today during our last block, a female student was approached by a male student yielding a knife in the restroom.  The female student disarmed him and alerted staff.  Administrators and police quickly identified and detained the male student.  Students were asked to remain in their classes until we had communication from the police that it was safe.  Students were dismissed at the end of the school day.  We want to commend the bravery of our female student that was involved.  Her response and immediate reporting allowed for this event to come to a quick conclusion. 

Thomas L. Harmas, Principal of Carmel High School

Police Report

On Thursday, February 8. 2018 at approximately 2:30 pm a female student at Carmel High School (CHS) reported being threatened by a male Carmel High School student with a knife in a restroom. Due to the immediate action by CHS staff and Carmel Police School Resource Officers (SRO’s), the male suspect was taken into custody without incident. Because of the quick actions of the victim, SRO’s and CHS staff, there were no other concerns about student safety.

The juvenile suspect was transported to the Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center on the following charges:

  • Intimidation – Level 6 Felony
  • Confinement – Level 3 Felony
  • Battery – Level 5 Felony
  • Criminal Recklessness – Level 6 Felony
  • Possessing a knife on school property –  Class B Misdemeanor

Currently, the investigation by the Carmel Police Department continues, but at this point, there is no credible evidence to support this was more than an isolated incident and the victim and suspect had no prior connection.  Additionally, there is no evidence to support the suspect intended any further, widespread violence on other students.

As mentioned, this investigation is ongoing and detectives continue to follow up with leads and additional interviews.  Safety in our schools is a top priority and concern.  Any additional information will be provided as soon as possible.