Carmel Dads Club spring sports registration closes soon

Carmel Dads Club (CDC) spring sports registration closes Monday, Feb. 19. It is important that students that want to play sports this season sign up before it is too late.

President of CDC, Jack Beery, said many students will be playing this spring season. “There are about 2,400 kids signed up for spring sports so far. We will have nearly 5,000 students playing this spring,” said Beery.

During the spring season, CDC sports consist of softball, baseball, golf, soccer, volleyball, aerial football, rugby and lacrosse.

Freshman Maggie Killian said she plays CDC soccer in the fall and spring. Killian says she will continue to play CDC throughout high school. “When you get into high school you get to play with all high schoolers, so I plan on playing until I graduate just because it’s a really fun sport and a great way to get exercise,” Killian said.

CDC most popular sport this spring is soccer, and all sports will begin the second week of April.

Jack Beery said he urges high school students to get out and play coed soccer. “It’s a lot of fun, very competitive, and the kids love it,” Beery said. By Jesse Cooper