CHS House of Representatives look to their future events after Carmel Dance Marathon


Lauren Roop, House member and senior, takes notes during class to make time for the final House events of the year. She said she is excited for the upcoming events at the end of her senior year.

Aditya Belamkar

CHS House of Representatives move on to their future events after Carmel Dance Marathon concluded this past Saturday.

“After Dance Marathon, we still have a lot more for House. We have an egg hunt, we have Music for Miracles at the Palladium and we also have a few other things that will be coming up that are all things that House members can involved and get House points and help the kids at Riley Children’s Hospital,” speaker of the House Sam Johnson said.

According to House sponsor Sarah Wolff, House will be hosing a community Easter egg hunt in March, Music for Miracles in April and finally Paint War in May.

“In March, we have a community Easter egg hunt, and that’s really fun, [and] it’s a little bit like our trick-or-treat event where kids come and do an egg hunt but there’s also games that are Easter-themed,” Wolff said.

These events will close out the year after the end of House’s largest event, Dance Marathon, which has been worked on all year.

“Getting to work with the students and getting to know them and getting to see them grow as leaders and learn through this process, working through the entire year and seeing this come to fruition, I’d say is the most enjoyable part of this,” Wolff said