Physical education department offering field trips as part of classes


The physical education department is offering many different activities to its students.

Each type of class has its own activities. For example, the modern fitness class travelled to Dairy Queen, ordered food and then analyzed what kind of substances they ate.

Otherwise, the regular classes are currently playing sand volleyball. The students are also learning how to use heart rate monitors. “They download the monitors to see their class workout for the day,” Kim TenBrink, head of the physical education department, said.

Freshman Sen Xiong, who is taking physical education this semester, said he really looks forward to heading down to the miniature golf fields.

“Mini golf is really fun, because there are so many possibilities to make a shot,” Xiong said.

He is also looking forward to going down to Bub’s. “Bub’s food is crazy. I tried some of it there once, and I almost died from a spicy chicken wing,” Xiong said.

Although he looks forward to some activities, Xiong said he doesn’t like others. For example, he really doesn’t approve of the heart rate monitors. He said he believes the monitors are an unnecessary cost. “Why would you spend money on monitors for an individual, when you can just get people to share? Also, the monitors often have trouble picking up my heartbeat. For example, once in summer gym, my heart rate monitor stayed at 10 for a few minutes, and then suddenly jumped up to 200. Humans don’t have 10 heartbeats per minute!” Xiong said. By Chris Li <[email protected]>