Intramural to host finals of basketball tournament during SRT on March 23


Rohil Senapati, intramural player and sophomore, prepares to shoot a ball during an intramural game. "I was really happy that we had this season," Senapati said.

Intramural club leaders will host the finals of the basketball tournament during SRT on March 23.

According to Mike Meyer, intramural director and teacher, tickets cost $1 and can be purchased from any senator or Cabinet member. The game will take place during SRT on Friday March 23 in the varsity gym and the ticket is the only pass required to get of SRT. The winner will be the intramural champion.

Rohil Senapati, intramural member and sophomore, said he thinks this was a good intramural season and is looking forward to the next season.

“I’m really thankful intramurals exists. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to play that much basketball,” Senapati said.