Carmel Dads Club players and faculty members prepare for the upcoming season


Ellie Backer, CDC soccer player and freshman, on her phone in the CHS lunchroom. She said she is excited for the upcoming CDC soccer season. “CDC makes playing soccer and exercising more fun without all the competitive stress,” Backer said.

Carmel Dads Club’s (CDC) spring season is right around the corner, and players, as well as faculty members, are preparing for the season.

According to President of CDC Jack Beery, CDC faculty members are preparing for the upcoming season by creating rosters and schedules, getting and passing out uniforms to players, lining and cutting grass on the fields, and placing new infield mix on the baseball and softball fields. “It’s been a long winter and getting back outside seeing kids and families having fun is what it’s all about,” Beery said.

Players are also excited for the upcoming season. Ellie Backer, CDC soccer player and freshman, is very excited to play coed soccer this spring. She thinks CDC soccer is more fun in high school.

“I think its more fun especially when you’re in high school because by then, most people know how to play decent soccer, and it’s coed which makes the game interesting and a fun challenge,” Backer said.

According to Beery, everyone at CDC is excited that 5,000 kids will be joining them this spring to play several different sports. CDC spring sports include softball, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, golf and aerial football. The spring season starts April 14.

Beery encourages high school students to sign up for coed soccer. “Leagues are filling up, but it’s a great time!” Beery said. By Jesse Cooper

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