Bringing it back: As summer months near, CHS students discuss how ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s fashion trends are resurfacing

Hannah Gretz

Veronica Teeter
Sophomore Madeline “Maddie” Morton browses through Goodwill. Morton said her style is a mix of different time periods.

Over the past century, each decade had it’s own distinct style. However, the style of the past years have had a mixture of several different time periods’ influence.

Clothing trends from the 1970s to 1990s are finding their way back into the closets of teen girls around the nation, especially at CHS.

One student who channels this type of mixed style is sophomore Madeline “Maddie” Morton.

“I love mom jeans because they are not skinny jeans. The clothing (from previous decades) is all just different and something that stands out,” Morton said. “The whole thing depends; you can wear mom jeans with anything, same with chokers. I don’t always realize it’s a mix, I just have a lot of clothing that reflects the trends.”

Another student who said she plans her day-to-day outfits around the trends is Mia Holtzman.

“I love wearing clothes that look like they are from the ’80s or ’90s,” Holtzman said. “They are just so fun.”

Veronica Teeter
Sophomore Mia Holtzman looks at a red skirt in the rack. Holtzman said the different time periods’ styles were really interesting and she looks forward to incorporating them into her wardrobe.

Katie McLennan, apparel merchandising and business major at Indiana University, said via email, “Fashion is cyclical, so everything is always coming back around. Even if it gets reinvented with new fabric innovation or technologies, certain things like color and silhouette will always cycle through. Right now I think the campy ’70s vibe is really strong, especially since it’s festival season. I see influences of groovy typography, crochet pieces, and rainbow graphics and colors.”

McLennan said many trends that have re-emerged include mom jeans, scrunchies, fanny packs, chokers, oversized T-shirts, checkered shoes, flowy pants, overalls and bomber jackets.

With the summer months approaching, music festivals in and out of Indiana are bringing people in with fashion reflecting a mixture of trends of the ’70s to ’90s.

“I would describe festival and concert clothes as bohemian and very vintage,” Morton said. “(In the ’70s) concerts were popular and music really became a huge part of people’s lives and it’s reflected in their clothing style.”

Holtzman said she believes that summer concert trends and clothing tends to be restricted to the event in which it is worn and should not be worn outside of it.

“I think it’s cool, but I think (the concert clothing) is specific and revealing. It fits the purpose of the event, but is not and should not be carried outside of the event,” Holtzman said.

Veronica Teeter
Sophomore Mia Holtzman contemplates whether she wants to buy a shirt. Holtzman said that while thrift stores are great places to find different styles of clothes, there are not always the best clothing items that she can incorporate to fit her style.

Anna Borer, Apparel Merchandising student at Indiana University, said via email she believes some of the fashion trends that are re-emerging are pastels, check prints and sheer garments for the upcoming spring and summer time.

“I am very excited about some of the re-emerging trends, especially pastels for spring.  I also feel that check prints for summer will be a very fun change-of-pace.  Fashion is moving in the right direction,” Borer said. “If I had to describe music festival fashion, I would use the words vintage, breezy, fringe, boho, floral, revealing and denim.”

McLennan also said she believes the ’80s will come into play this summer.

“I think we will see many high-leg one-pieces, bright neon colors, fanny packs and Miami Vice influence,” McLennan said.

Year ’round, however, both Morton and Holtzman said they tend to channel past fashion trends into their everyday outfits. They each said they use Pinterest and social media to find new outfits.

“I have a Pinterest board with 500 pins,” Holtzman said. “I just love all of the ideas.”

Aside from the style each trend brings, the color palette of the time period helps to advance the re-emergence of trends as well.

“I wear a lot of bright-colored shirts. One of my favorites is bright yellow,” Holtzman said. “They are all shirts that look like someone bought 20 years ago on vacation.”

With summer break only nine school days away, many summer trends will quickly be brought out, in reflection of the ’70s to the ’90s.

(McLennan said) “We’ve started to see that sweet, flouncy, European look with matching sets and summer dresses. I think this will boom over the summer along with accessories like low, chunky heels and straw purses.”