Veronica Teeter

Junior Jacob Freedman

What piece are you submitting?

I’m submitting a piece of two eyes that are semi-realistic but whimsical and not human. I was going for a monster and a human combined, using Rumpelstiltskin from “Once Upon a Time” as my inspiration. I wanted to take the darkest colors and make them the lightest colors, however, still make it real.


What were you trying to convey with your piece?

I wanted to get almost a sense of something animalistic. I wanted it to seem like they were half-human, half-monster to convey anger—almost fighting. You can also see different emotions in the different people. The one on the right is a man and the other person is a female, and I wanted the man to be angry but the female looked a little bit more innocent.


What do you enjoy most about art?

I find it really relaxing and I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a piece that I’ve created from my own imagination, and I can bring that imagination to life in my artwork. I just feel so accomplished when I finish a piece, so that’s something that has driven me to keep creating artwork because I’ll always get these random ideas that just pop up in my head, and I have a random drive to create that image for everyone else to see.



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