Sophomore Natalie Wells

Could you describe the piece you’re submitting?

(The piece is) white and black charcoal pencil on toned paper. It’s supposed to be a subtle surrealistic landscape, and I chose a gas station.


Why were you inspired to create this?

It was inspired as the project was “subtle surrealism.” I thought putting a bike at a gas station would be subtle enough that you wouldn’t notice it right away but after looking long enough, you would wonder why it was there. I guess I’m trying to convey that even things that seem like they don’t need extra help could always use extra help.


What do you enjoy about art?

Art is a nice way to express what I can’t in words… It’s a great way to be creative and express yourself. I like the fact that (art) is so diverse. There’s such a diversity of things you can try; when you find the one that suits you, its just really relaxing to do.


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