After the leave

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By: Erin Lowe <> and Beverly Jenkins <>

Even after their maternity leave ends, teachers face the challenges that have arisen
during their absence from the classroom.

One major factor for teachers going on maternity leave to consider is their new workloads. According to both Jennifer Bubp and Ann Mayhew, their workloads at school did not change, but their workloads at home significantly increased.

“My workload at school didn’t change—thank God!” Bubp said. “I did have to adjust to getting two children under the age of four dressed, fed and ready to leave my house by 6:45 a.m.”

Mayhew said, “The workload here at school didn’t change, but I had an infant at home. My workload there was tremendous.”

However, both Bubp and Mayhew said they enjoyed spending time at home with their respective newborn.

“I loved spending time with my baby,” Mayhew said. “If I could, I would have taken more time off.”