No More Lip Service: CHS couples should be more respectful, stop displaying affection in public places, hallways


Heidi Peng

I’m no expert on romance or the dynamic of a high school couple, but there’s one thing I know very well as a high school student: public displays of affection (PDA) are unnecessary. Affection encapsulates a broad range of actions among couples: holding hands, hugging and kissing are included in that list. It’s not so much the hand-holding that bothers me, but the hugging and kissing can be particularly uncomfortable to witness.

Walking through the hallways during passing period, one can see a barrage of these actions on display. I try my best to ignore them — the sound of lips smacking together and muffled giggling — but sometimes I just can’t, and this can definitely put a damper on my day. It’s uncomfortable, awkward and, honestly, unnecessary.

Furthermore, in looking at PDA from a workplace perspective, it’s also highly unprofessional and inappropriate. According to Corrie Russell, a reporter at The Grindstone, there are several unwritten rules of the office; this list includes not flirting at work and resisting PDA in the office.

In addition to being unprofessional, Russell also claims it to be just plain gross. On that note, students should treat being at school like being at work and try to act appropriately and, at the very least, keep PDA at a tolerable level.

For the seven hours and 15 minutes we’re at school, I ask of you to hold off on the PDA. Before school and after school is your time, but during school, it’s everyone’s time.

Couples should be a little more considerate of the people who don’t care for a bombardment of PDA at 7:50 a.m. This isn’t about being single or being in a relationship either; it’s about respecting other people’s comfort at school and practicing for life in a work environment. There’s a time and a place for everything, and PDA doesn’t belong at school.

I’m merely asking for couples’ consideration. I just want to walk through the hallways and complete my entire day without seeing any PDA. I’m sure the majority of the student body would appreciate that, too.

There’s also a general rule of thumb you can follow in case you need some extra confirmation: If you wouldn’t do it in front of your grandmother, don’t do it at school.