Senior Alex Waples

“I would try to stick to something that you like. I feel like it’s always personal because some people don’t like eating things like kale or the things that you should eat like the superfoods. I would stick to the things that are pretty simple. There are a lot of really easy things you can do, snack-wise, to get in your daily requirements. If you’re trying to get in a certain amount of greens,  it’s really easy to put a salad in there, especially after school, or even for dinner, just putting chicken and salad down. I usually just pack a bunch of snacks, so I’ll get almonds in, amounts of fruits in, especially dried fruits; that’s always helpful to pack before track meets and stuff. I’m always thinking about what’s going to prepare me for that. If you’re an athlete, you’re probably thinking about the amount of protein you need and the amount of carbs you need. I think diet is mostly based on how you’re trying to live.”


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