CRU Club changing tradition


Thomas Gastineau, student leader and senior, leads a group in reading verses in the Bible. CRU Club sponsors decided to have club meetings more student run this year.

Marvin Fan

With CRU Club’s next meeting on Sept. 11, CRU Club is continuing their new way of how the club is run. The club meets at 7 a.m. and features different activities from the guest speakers last year. One of the main features of this year’s CRU Club is breaking into small groups during meetings. Mason Crum, student leader and junior, said, “It’s gonna be more relational build this year instead of just someone talking to you.”

Club sponsors are also trying to make CRU Club more of a student led club. Ryan Ringenberg, co-sponsor of CRU Club, said, “This year’s a little bit different in that more of the club responsibilities will be on the students, it will be a completely student run club.”

This year, CRU Club no longer has paid staff, and therefore, teacher sponsors and students are picking up the slack to keep the club running. By Marvin Fan