Carmel Dads Club winter basketball registration has opened


Maggie Killian, soccer player and freshman plays a game at CDC’s Shelbourne fields. Killian talks about how much she has enjoyed playing CDC for the past three years. “It’s a lot of fun. There isn’t a lot of conditioning or training so it’s just fun to be able to go out and play,” she said.

Jesse Cooper

Carmel Dads Club (CDC) winter basketball registration opened September first, and depending what division you sign up for, close late November.

Jack Beery, President of CDC encourages students to play a sport sometime during the school year, “We have all different levels of competition, and it is a great way to make friends!” Beery said via email.

Sophomore, Maggie Killian, started playing CDC soccer when she first moved to Indiana; “I have been playing soccer for CDC ever since I moved here 3 years ago. I have continued playing because I have a lot of fun just getting to play soccer with friends but also meeting new people each year,” Killian said.

Basketball is the only sport that CDC offers during the winter season. Although it is the only sport during the winter, they offer it to all grades recreationally, as well as competitively for grades 2nd through 6th. Both recreational and travel basketball begin practices and games in mid November and end in mid March. By Jesse Cooper