Carmel International Arts Festival Is An Event You Do Not Want To Miss Next Year

Every year, Carmel invites artists from all around the world to partake in an event that they can show off their work. Dancers, Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, and more all gather together in the Carmel Arts District to sell and showcase their art. This festival was this past weekend on September 22-23. There was food, dancing and amazing art in the Main Street portion of the Carmel Arts District.

The artist who won the mayor’s award this year was Taylor Mazer pen and ink drawings. His work was very impressive, as all of his art was hand drawn and very small. The detail he put in his work was amazing, and his work caught my eye immediately.

The next artist who caught my eye was Scott Johnson, and his astrophotography. He used chromaluxe metallic prints to create incredibly vibrant photographs.

Another artist made different wall sculptures with steel cut nails, copper, brass and cold rolled steel to create different shapes. He had Instruments, animals and flower shaped. The way the artist conformed the nails into different shapes made it very captivating and I didn’t want to walk away.

Something I didn’t expect to see is the Carmel High School (CHS) art club had submitted two paint by number pieces. The painting was very colorful and interesting to look at, and it came from our city’s very own CHS students.

If you missed the festival this year, you should keep an eye out for the next one. Go with friends and family, and appreciate some art! It was amazing to see all these artists in just one place.