Homecoming Horror Stories

Chae Haley, Senior, about her Freshman Homecoming

“Basically what happened is I was planning on going to Homecoming with one of my friends for about two months, and I figure out about three days before Homecoming that I can’t go because I’m going to be out of the state in Texas. So, I have to call up my friend and tell him that I can’t go with him, and I felt so bad because we had all this stuff planned and then he didn’t have anything planned. After I had told him, he was debating staying home and not going to Homecoming at all, I couldn’t do anything about it because I was in Texas the whole time, but in the end he eventually ended up going with one of our friends and our friendship was a little rough for a while, but it’s okay, we’re best friends now.”


Emily Gallagher, Junior, about her Freshman Homecoming

“I really liked this guy, and he asked me to Homecoming and I was really excited and then he said we should go out to dinner before, and when we got to the restaurant, he and three of his friends were there, and it turned out it was a group thing.”


Megan Daggett, Junior, about her Freshman Homecoming

“I was at Homecoming freshman year and this girl thought I was trying to steal her boyfriend, so she got mad and dumped ice water down my back. I was very upset, she said it was an accident but it wasn’t. We had words, but it’s all good.”