CHS to drop myCCS, use other platforms for grades, anonymous alerts


Carmel Clay Schools’ Superintendent Michael Beresford implements first major change in new position. Beresford has high hopes that the switch from myCCS will be smooth and positive.

Misha Rekhter

The Carmel Clay Schools district will transition away from the myCCS system in December. Students will then access their grades through PowerSchool. According to the superintendent, Michael Beresford, there will also be an app for anonymous alerts that allows students and administration to have two-way communication.

“This is a good opportunity to upgrade from one-way communication. While that was helpful, two-way communication is more effective in solving problems,” Beresford said.

In particular, Beresford said two-way communication will help diffuse dangerous situations faster and more efficiently.

“With the current system, the administration and SRO’s (Student Resource Officers) have no way of responding to students which limits how much we can help the situation,” Beresford said.

Senior Sydney Remble said, “The anonymous alert system has grown a lot in my time at CHS. I’m glad there will be two-way communication because I think it is necessary for the alerts to be truly effective.”

In addition, Senior Christopher Nordhoff said, “The anonymous alert system helps save lives so I’m happy the administration is working to improve it.”

According to Beresford, PowerSchool should also be a welcome addition.

“PowerSchool has a lot of neat features that I think will really help our students,” Beresford said.

Junior Matthew Pletcher said, “I’ve been using PowerSchool for a while. I like it a lot more than myCCS because it’s a lot easier to use.”

“These aren’t huge changes, but I think they will be useful. I really believe they’ll have a positive impact on our students,” Beresford said.  By Misha Rekhter