Charisma season draws to a close, coquettes “kicks” off


Juniors and dancers Lexi Dungey (left) and Maddy Massa (right) have lunch together as team members. The girls try to balance school, dance and socialization. “When we are together outside of practice, we bond in ways that benefit our sportsmanship and time together on the team,” Massa said.

Hannah Gretz

As fall sports wrap up at this school, winter sports are beginning, including the winter dance team, coquettes. With this, the fall dance team, charisma, concludes.
“I loved being part of the charisma dance team,” Avery Iverson, first year member and junior, said. “I loved what we prepared and performed. It was a lot of fun.”
Iverson danced at this school for the first time this year.
“We just had (coquettes) tryouts,” third year member and junior Maddy Massa said. “We start practice this week.”
Massa also dances competitively outside of this school’s dance programs.
Charisma and coquettes coach Sarah Wolff  guides the team through each season, and has been for over a decade. Despite charisma’s end, Wolff said the program helped members with their dancing backgrounds.
“Many girls on the high school teams go on to dance and even compete at the collegiate level, and some even professionally and say that (charisma) prepared them for the next level of their dance career,” Wolff said via email.
Dancers, such as Massa, use coquettes as a way to prepare themselves and prepare them for many aspects of dancing.
With 15 girls on the team, team members are preparing for an excellent season ahead of them. By Hannah Gretz