We reviewed three fall activities available near Carmel, this is what we found


Caitlyn Burns

Junior Zach Berman bites down on one of the apples from Stuckey Farm’s apple orchards. Stuckey Farms has around 4,000 trees and boasts 27 different types of apples, as well as a 15-acre pumpkin patch, an eight-acre corn maze and many more activities.

Kris Otten


Stuckey Farm Orchard and Cider Mill is the perfect location to have a fall photoshoot with friends or spend time with family.

It costs $7.50 to get into the apple orchard, where there are thousands of trees with 27 varieties of apples to pick from. The apple orchard is the prime location to take fall photos, as well as pick from the delicious assortment of apples. 

Although the farm is more commonly associated with its apples, it also has a large pumpkin patch to pick from. There are also many other activities to do at Stuckey Farm for families, such as wagon rides through the orchards.

Stuckey Farm also has its own cider mill where they sell a huge variety of products including cider, jam, fudge, candy, caramel -covered apples and much more.

Although Stuckey Farm has a little longer of a travel time than the other locations, it is well worth the drive with its beautiful scenery and fall fun activities.


Although Spencer Farm is known for its berries, its “autumn pumpkin harvest season” runs throughout October. The farm offers free hayrides to its pumpkin patch to the public on the weekends.

If you’re in need of pumpkins for pumpkin carving this fall season, then Spencer Farms is the perfect place to go to pick your own pumpkins and enjoy fall treats. Spencer Farms is open from  10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday. They offer free hayrides to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and Sunday until the end of October where people can enjoy passing through and seeing the nature of the farm.

In addition to the pumpkin patch and other various fields growing fruit, Spencer Farm has two huge minion and tiger haystacks that provide the perfect place to take a memorable fall photo. Visitors can pick pumpkins as well as dig mums for $4.49 each. The mums are grown in all different colors and you can simply pick up a pot and dig up your desired mum for the fall season. The farm’s sweet shop sells hand-dipped ice cream, fruit pies, homemade fudge and seasonal fall treats including caramel-covered apples, apple fritters and pumpkin cheesecake. You can choose from their wide selection of pies that include cherry, peach praline, apple crumb, apple, pumpkin, very berry and blackberry.


If you’re looking for some delicious fall treats, then the Apple Store at Conner Prairie is the perfect stop during the fall season.                                                                                       

Junior Zach Berman picks out a bag of Conner Prairie’s unique “apple donut holes”, priced at $2 a bag. These are one of the store’s most popular items, having sold 24,120 last year, among many other apple-based treats.

The Apple Store is cozy and welcoming, as it is a small shop surrounded by lots of trees and green grass. There’s not much of a seating area directly around the Apple Store, but there are several picnic tables inside the Conner Prairie grounds that are close enough to the shop for customers to sit and enjoy their apple treats.                          

The Apple Store sells a variety of apples as well as several other apple-based products such as apple donuts and donut holes, apple fritters, caramel-covered apples, chocolate-covered apples, apple cider and apple candies. The apple and pumpkin donut holes are sold for $2 per half dozen, and the apple fritters are sold for $1.25 each. The Apple Store also sells a multitude of fall decorations to decorate with this autumn season.