CHS to focus on smooth transition from myCCS, consider student input in future changes


Carmel Clay Schools Superintendent Michael Beresford implements first major change in new position. Beresford has high hopes that the switch from myCCS to PowerSchool will be smooth and positive.

Misha Rekhter

With the transition away from myCCS occurring in December, the Carmel Clay schools district is working to prepare staff and students. According to Superintendent Michael Beresford, emails have been sent to parents prompting them to create PowerSchool accounts.

“We’re currently in the process of our initial reach out to parents. Hopefully, parents and students will make this an easy switch,” Beresford said.

However, Beresford said many of the parents have been unreceptive to emails and not made accounts.

“We’ve sent over 5,000 emails and only had about 600 people sign up. We really need parents to work with us if we want this to be successful,” Beresford said.

In addition to PowerSchool, Beresford said he is confident the new anonymous alert app will be an upgrade over the current version.

“Simply having two-way communication will help, but the ability to send screenshots and have a more helpful app will be great,” Beresford said.

On the other hand, Beresford said student feedback was instrumental in this process.

“Students are the pulse of the school so they are the ones who really know what needs to be improved,” Beresford said.

Senior Alex Nakeeb agreed and said students should have a more active voice in determining changes at CHS.

“We are the ones who go to the school and notice the everyday problems so I think we could provide some really helpful feedback,” Nakeeb said.

In particular, Beresford said students have been vocal about traffic hazards at CHS.

“The stop at the bottom of the trail has been brought up by students as something that needs to be fixed. I really appreciate students voicing their concerns as it tells administrators what we should focus on fixing,” Beresford said.  By Misha Rekhter