Updates from Chemistry Club members

Rohan Mahesh

The Chemistry Club’s first priority is to help you enjoy learning about the ways of chemistry. Club sponsor Virginia Kundrat teaches her chemistry classes with enjoyment and strives to make chemistry easy and fun for everyone in her class. She said, “Whenever students have problems on homework I give the option to either solve it in small groups or solve it as a class.” Every meeting for the club is on every second and fourth Mondays.

Each year many new Freshmen come to the club because they’re interested and find it very enjoyable where sponsor Kundrat said, “All student sponsors have a good understanding with chemistry”. Because of the student helpers in her club, they are useful to the students. Iris Yan, the Carmel High School chemistry club leader is the main organizer for the club. She helps students understand the basic needs to go to competitions but she also mainly works on the behind the scenes of the club, organizing where and how they are going to perform later on. “We spend lots of time helping students with their needs”, Kundrat adds.

The club is offered for all students from freshman to senior but most importantly, they experience chemistry through labs and demonstrations. When joined in the club, many trips are taken to perform chemistry with peers where the club students take on chemistry olympiads.