Working to #BeHeard: Former Acumen editor-in-chief reflects on involvement in New Voices legislation movement


Selena Qian '17, former Acumen editor-in-chief

I was part of New Voices Indiana back in the 2016-2017 school year. It was exciting to help put together and advocate for a bill to protect student journalists and their advisers. We started by meeting with all of the stakeholders and reaching out to them. We spoke in support of the bill in a committee hearing.
It was morning, on a school day. I remember waiting for hours to even get to our bill, HB 1130. When it came to my turn, I said my piece, proudly clad in a blue shirt emblazoned with the official motto of New Voices, #BeHeard. The committee unanimously sent the bill to the House, where it passed 88-4. Then HB 1130 went to the Senate, where the legislature adjourned without voting on the bill.
When I heard what had happened, I was upset. We had spent so much time presenting our case with little opposition until the last minute. I was hopeful. I believed it would pass. I was naive. I thought since we weren’t asking for much and we had good reasons for what we asked, the bill would pass into law and guarantee press freedoms to students. While I now know things are rarely that simple or easy, I also know that student journalists are curious, tenacious and willing to put in the work to continue the New Voices movement.

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