Big Game Club begins preparing for winter sports


Senior Timmy Dixon plans future events for Big Game Club with Brad Pearson, the sponsor of Big Game Club. “We’d love to go out and support the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams for the winter sports. It’s all about getting wild and loud for the basketball teams,” Dixon said.

Robbie G­­­­­­e

Brad Pearson, sponsor of Big Game Club, has announced that the club will shift its focus to other sports as the fall season ends.

            “We’re going to the boys’ and girls’ basketball games. Football ended, so I guess we might show up to the swimming meets,” Pearson said.

            Notably, Big Game Club encourages football players to come and support their fellow classmates now that the season is over.

            “I expect the football players to come out and get hype for the winter sports as we have shown for them in the fall,” Pearson said.

            Senior Timmy Dixon notes that the club has accomplished most of its goals so far and is hoping to cover an even wider variety of sports for the winter.

“I feel like we’ve done a great job of supporting the football teams and other sports like tennis,” Dixon said. By Robbie Ge