Maintenance to change outside lights to LEDs


Maintenance worker Fred Napier points to a light in the activities office that went out earlier this week. This was one of many work orders that the maintenance staff has to look at on a daily basis.

Lillian He

As winter approaches, the maintenance staff is preparing for the cold weather by finishing up some of their last work outside. Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt said one of the changes they hope to implement is the change of several light bulbs around the school from metal halide bulbs to light emitting diodes (LEDs).
“We’re working on upgrading some of the outside lights, like in the parking lots, to LEDs and we’re doing some things in the pool area, trying to figure those out what the brightness is so we can replace those as well since its more energy efficient,” Wyatt said.
According to Wyatt, the current plan is for the light bulbs to be replaced the next time they go out.
Mackenzie Misterka, Principles of Engineering student and sophomore, said, “LED lights need less power to function and last much longer than some common alternatives so they’re a better more energy-conscious approach…practicing efficient habits is important because we have to be aware of some of our resources having limits.”