Junior Class happy with Homecoming turnout; begins to talk about prom ideas

Zeeshan Syed

The Junior Class is happy at the turnout that they received at Homecoming this year. They auctioned off the small sheds they built fairly quickly, and they had a big crowd for the football game. According to club sponsor Kristi LeVeque, it had exceeded her hopes.

“The turnout was much more than I had expected. It’s good, because this is my first year with this stuff,” she said. “I’m glad to see so many people get into the school spirit”.

According to seniors, the turnout for previous Homecoming years has not been quite as full of spirit as this year. Many said they happy that others are enjoying school spirit, and they should enjoy high school while it lasts.

Meanwhile, the freshmen said that they have heard good things about Homecoming from their elder siblings, and really wanted to be a part of it. Freshman Daniyal Sher said he enjoyed the football game, as it is invigorating to see the team play with so many students there.

The Junior Class is also tossing around ideas for the prom now, so they can be prepared on what to order next year. They have not settled on any ideas yet, and they want it to be a pleasant surprise for the seniors.