Staff, administration discuss previous events of the junior class

Zeeshan Syed

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According to John Love, junior class sponsor and media specialist, the Junior Class, in previous years, was more involvement in many things that happened around the school. Now, they only have a hand in a few events, the most prominent being homecoming week and prom.

“We used to have a sophomore dance,” Love said. “ We used to also have multiple drives and fundraisers. Now, those just don’t exist”.

The seniors and teachers can remember how the fundraisers were. According to them, the drives were very similar to the ones that were hosted at the elementary and middle school level. They also had bake sales that were popular. They no longer have the drives and bake sales, as they weren’t bringing in. The freshman and sophomore dances similarly didn’t have a large enough turnout to justify the resource and money usage.

“If enough people show interest, we can bring it back,” said Principal Tom Harmas. “As it stands right now, though, there is no reason to waste money”. By Zeeshan Syed