Here’s your guide for where to go for a perfect date this Valentine’s Day

Heidi Peng and Riya Chinni

A Casual Date

Mammamia Gelato

834 W. Main St, Carmel, IN 46032

This small Italian dessert and coffee shop is right off Main Street, just a few minutes away from CHS. Mammamia Gelato offers fresh gelato for an authentic and high-quality dessert for about $2 to $5. The cozy atmosphere of the shop is perfect for conversation, with intimate tables for two as well as comfortable chairs and low tables, making it a great spot for a casual date.

CORNETTO CON GELATO: HiLite staff member Riya Chinni tries a “Cornetto con Gelato.” Featuring a scoop of gelato inside a croissant. this is one of the most popular dishes at Mammamia Gelato.

A Fun Date

Laser Flash Arcade

617 3rd Ave. SW, Carmel, IN 46032

ARCADE ADVENTURES (ABOVE): HiLite staff members Riya Chinni and Heidi Peng score playing skee-ball.
PICTURE PERFECT (RIGHT): HiLite staff members Heidi Peng and Riya Chinni pose for pictures inside Laser Flash’s photo booth.









Whether you’re looking to take cute photos, have a lowkey date or crush your crush in a game of skee-ball, the arcade at Laser Flash is the perfect fun and light-hearted date spot. It’s affordable with game cards starting at $10, and there’s nothing more satisfying than cashing in your ticket points. It may not be the fanciest place to take your date, but you’ll be sure to create lasting laughs and memories.

A Dinner Date

The Old Spaghetti Factory

918 S. Rangeline Rd, Carmel, IN 46032

PASTA PLEASE: HiLite staff member Riya Chinni presents the “Angel Hair Pomodoro” entrée, one of multiple three-course meal options.

This restaurant offers a 

variety of Italian dishes, including a three-course meal ($10 to $15 per meal). Resembling a train station, it has a unique ambiance. Private booths along the walls and dim lighting help to create an atmosphere that is perfect for a date night or just a romantic evening.