School board members to receive new board roles on Jan. 14 meeting


Senior Amy Zhong works on her math homework during SRT. Zhong said she disagrees with the decision to relocate Orchard Park Elementary School.

Sam Shi

In an organizational meeting on Jan. 14, school board members were elected to their new roles on the board. School board member Mike Kerschner was elected the president, Katie Browning the vice president and Lin Zheng the secretary.

Kerschner said this organizational meeting happens every year and said it is important for board members to be constantly switching roles.

“I think it’s good that we have different roles and switch around just so that one, we don’t get in the habit of somebody always having to do each roll and (switching roles) helps us be more diverse and know that everybody has to do and share the weight, share the responsibility,” he said.

Kerschner said the main thing currently on the board’s agenda is continuing to plan for building two new elementary schools, one to replace Carmel Elementary School, and another to relocate Orchard Park Elementary School.

Senior Amy Zhong went to Orchard Park Elementary School and lives right across it. Zhong said the new building project to relocate Orchard Park Elementary School is unnecessary.

“I think that they shouldn’t have expanded because (Orchard Park Elementary School) was perfectly fine the way it was since I used to go (there), and it was right across from my house and it was easy to go to. All of my neighbors say that renovating the existing school is better than building a completely new one because (Orchard Park Elementary School) is accessible to a lot of students.”