Chemistry Club to hold competition for younger children

Rohan Mahesh

Chemistry Club students have found many interesting ways to have competitions. One of these ways is through middle schoolers. These competitions have been thought out to be low in stress level and very easy to perform.

The idea of having chemistry competitions for middle schoolers will allow these children to learn all while making club participants ponder for difficult questions. The idea is that the same questions will be sent to each middle school and after a set amount of days, they will have to be sent back. After this process is over, winners will be chosen and given small prizes. Although the Chemistry Club mainly focuses on how to win competitions of its own, they also provide help for many other kids as well. Iris Yan, Chemistry Club officer and sophomore, said, “The main purpose of this competition is just to get more kids interested in chemistry.” Virginia Kundrat, Chemistry Club sponsor, agrees on that statement where she said, “Some students really get into things like demonstrations and enjoy seeing those.”

Both Kundrat and Yan said that they enjoy the Chemistry Club solely for the cooperation it has with middle school students and how they branched out to help not only themselves but others.