TEDx changes room for meetings


Ally Eaton, TEDx Event Planning committee head and senior, signs a thank you card for Allison Hargrove, former TEDx sponsor and social studies teacher. According to Selin Oh, TEDx president and senior, this card is a gesture to show Hargrove how great her impact on the club has been and how grateful the members have been for her support.

Rhea Acharya

Following its conference in December on the theme “In a New Light,” the TEDx club switched sponsors from social studies teacher Allison Hargrove to social studies teachers Allen Wheeler and Michael O’Toole, so its meetings no longer take place in the same room. Instead of in Hargrove’s room, Room E238, the meetings take place in Wheeler’s room, Room E210.
The club had its first meeting of second semester on Feb. 4 and plans to have meetings on every Blue Monday after that.
According to Selin Oh, TEDx president and senior, in the new semester, the club’s plans to reflect on the December event and transition the club’s leadership into the hands of younger members, as the entire leadership team will be graduating this spring.  As of now, she said the club has no more conferences planned for the remainder of the school year.
Oh said, “All of the current leadership positions are taken up by seniors, so that means the underclassmen and juniors too need to take on the responsibility and keep TEDx going. So, in order to do that, we are going to have an application process for people who are interested in either taking on the role of any of the committee heads and also the more administrative roles like president or vice president.”
O’Toole said as the club has barely started meeting, there is not much to comment on yet about the club’s future goals and events. By Rhea Acharya