WHJE to cover ice hockey season, finish strong

Amy Tian

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As the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) award ceremony draws near, WHJE staff members plan ahead in order to maintain coverage during Feb. 28 to Mar. 3.

WHJE advisor Dominic James said, “It’s been quite a quiet time, but the Ice Hounds won the area championships (on Feb. 10), so we were at the rink covering those bits and pieces.”

This is the first year that the WHJE sports section has covered ice hockey, and the station expects to cover the season all the way up to the state finals.

“We have been expanding on which sports we broadcast, and hockey was one that was highly requested,” said Spencer Pickering, sports section broadcaster and junior.

While many staff members are attending the IBS ceremony at the end of February, coinciding with the ice hockey semifinals, Pickering said that a few of the staff members are staying back to cover the game and finish off the season. By Amy Tian