Mac and cheese bar offers new type of meat every lunch cycle

With the first three week cycle over, some foods have shined while others did not do as good. According to Main Cafeteria Manager Holly Huepenbecker- Hull, the new mac and cheese bar got off into a great start. The first meat was buffalo chicken with a buffalo sauce.

“It went pretty well, it’s the second cycle numbers are different than the first week cycle, the true test is the second week cycle to see who comes back at eats it,”  Huepenbecker-Hull said. She said two foods are in the cycle twice: French Toast and the chicken mashed potato bowl, and after continuous good numbers, they are here to stay throughout the cycles of lunch ahead.

“Our goals for the rest of the school year are to increase the amount of people getting school lunch, and getting and more variety of feedback on items served,” Huepenbecker-Hull said.

The cafeteria has tried many new types of foods and cultures this school year with the Spanish rice bowl, and the Cuban sandwich along with adding a second day of French Toast and chicken mashed potato bowls.

Freshman Jammy Wang, “I’ve liked the new additions and variety than middle school lunch; I have always bought school lunch and brought my own lunch at random. Instead this new semester, I have enjoyed school food more than my normal turkey sandwich.” By Andrew Caito