Carmel Dads Club Spring Season is Approaching


Fields 9-18 at the Shelbourne soccer fields in west Carmel. Taha Shakeel, CDC athlete and sophomore says that “Some (players) are really good and some aren’t but it doesn’t matter because everybody there is just there for fun.”

Jesse Cooper

Carmel Dads Club (CDC) is at the end of their winter basketball season, and according to club President will be ending in the next two to three weeks. Registration for spring sports will end by the end of February, and will begin shortly after.
CDC president Jack Beery said via email “Spring is our biggest season with volleyball, softball, baseball, aerial football, soccer, rugby, and lacrosse.” Beery continued to say that he loves all sports, and “ I really believe each sport offers a unique opportunity for kids. I think students should try as many new sports as possible.”
Taha Shakeel, CDC basketball player and sophomore, explained why he enjoys CDC; “I play basketball and baseball with CDC. I play these sports because many of my friends and I play these sports together, and enjoy them so we make teams with all of us on them.” Shakeel said.
Beery suggests that “High school students should get out and play in our HS coed soccer. It’s a great time for the kids and a great way to get to meet new people.”