Global Giving to not operate for remainder of school year

Bianca Templeton

Global Giving will not host its annual dance competition due to insufficient funds. Club members will not host further club meetings because of this cancellation.

Club sponsor Ryan Ringenberg said, “The impression is that (the club) will not be active this semester.” He said the club has cancelled the event in the past.

Jocelyn Shan, Club president and senior, said she hopes the club will continue to run next school year.

“I have been discussing future plans with potential leadership (president and vice-president), and it appears that Global Giving will start up again in 2019-2020 school year,” said Shan via email.

In order to resolve the issue for next year, Shan said, “We have brainstormed plans to better plan for financial management and means to raise funds.”  By Bianca Templeton