Maintenance staff to get chillers ready for spring’s warmer weather


Maintenance worker Fred Napier holds a new water fountain that he will use to replace a water fountain that has broken. This is one of many routine tasks that the maintenance staff does to keep everything running smoothly.

Lillian He

The main goal of the maintenance staff over the next few weeks is to get the school ready for the approaching spring. The largest component of this is prepping and turning the school’s chillers back on.
Maintenance worker Fred Napier said, “We don’t keep the chillers on during the winter. The chillers (are) what helps to keep the building cool during the spring and summer months so we’ll turn off the heat and turn on the chillers to get ready for the hot season.”
According to Napier, the school also brings in a company to service the chillers.
“(It’s) kind of like if your parents get a person to clean your furnace or to clean your air conditioner before the season starts. We do the same thing,” he said.
Sophomore Mackenzie Misterka said, “I really appreciate air conditioning…the custodial staff works so hard to keep us comfortable during the school day.”