Smashmouth releases new dough and Smacker pizza bites this Thursday


Keeping suggestions from students in mind, cafeteria manager Holly Huepenbecker-Hull starts to plan next year’s menu on a computer. As with every year, she would gladly accept any suggestions for menu additions.

Andrew Caito

Smashmouth pizza is set to release a thinner dough and new pizza bites coming this week. Thursday are the new expected release of the pizza bites that will consist of cheese, ham, and pepperoni. While with the new facility for Smashmouth pizza, the new consistency of the dough will now feature in the new pizza. An often goal of the cafeteria staff is trying new things that the kids will like.

Cafeteria Manager Holly Huepenbecker-Hull said, “We’re hoping to get new kids and the kids that did not like them, to go try them again.”

With the new menu planning coming up, the cafeteria staff are open to suggestions for next year, which can be given either in person during lunch or via email. They would gladly appreciate any suggestions as the menu is for the kids, according to Huepenbecker-Hull. By Andrew Caito