Orchestras to rehearse repertoire for Camerata orchestra concert, Chen says


Selin Oh, Camerata cellist and senior, practices her cello in the orchestra room after school. Oh said she especially looks forward to playing Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” which was composed to go along with four sonnets.

Adhi Ramkumar

The CHS performing arts department is gearing up for the upcoming Camerata orchestra concert in the orchestra room (P100) on March 27 at 7 p.m.

According to director of orchestras Tom Chen, the concert will feature the members of the Camerata class, an elite subgroup of the symphony orchestra which consists of some of the best orchestra players at this school. He said something unique this year is Camerata will perform Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and Mozart’s “Divertimento in D Major” with two guest soloists—violinist Tarn Travers and harpsichordist Thomas Gerber—from DePauw University.

On making such performances a success, Chen said, “Some of our orchestras have a lot of after-school practices to prepare for such concerts. Really, to make any concert a success, it’s just about how much time you can get to practice. Especially with Camerata students, a lot of it happens outside of class with hours upon hours of practice.”

According to Selin Oh, Camerata cellist and senior, she is looking forward to performing with the professional violinist and harpsichordist, as such a joint performance has never happened before.

“People can definitely expect to see great artistry from the harpsichordist and violinist, accentuated by the orchestra’s playing,” Oh said. “I think it’s a pretty unique concert that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.”  By Adhi Ramkumar