House sets sights on middle school Dance Marathon and 3 on 3 Basketball

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By: Tian Yang <[email protected]>

After having several successful Dance Marathons, House seeks to spread the event to the middle schools. House sponsor Katie Overbeck said that House wants the incoming middle school students to have had the Dance Marathon experience, so that as freshman they will be more anxious and excited for Dance Marathon. House is currently seeking to have a trial Dance Marathon at Carmel Middle School on the tentative date of April 25.

Stevan Stankovich, House cabinet member and senior, elaborated on the subject. “We want the middle schools to join the Dance Marathon spirit and know about it when they get to high school,” he said. “It’s a tester this year to see if it will work.”

Overbeck said the Dance Marathon at Carmel Middle School would be a miniature version of the actual high school event. Instead of the full six hours, it would be only two hours after school on a Friday. If it’s successful, House hopes to initiate Dance Marathon at the other middle schools.

In addition to planning a Dance Marathon at Carmel Middle School, House has also begun planning for its annual 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, which will be April 26. Stankovich said that House has already started committee work for the event.

For questions regarding House, students should see Overbeck during SRT in room E116 or find a House member. The next House meeting is April 21 during the second session of SRT.