Great Frame Up art exhibit provides display opportunity for students

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By: Rosemary Boeglin <[email protected]>

The Great Frame Up, a local art gallery in downtown Carmel, is planning to sponsor an art exhibit in which students here will have a chance to participate. The exhibit will be open to friends and family members on April 18 from 6 to 8 p.m. according to art department head Jennifer Davis.

Davis said they have been sponsoring this event for several years with approximately 20 Carmel students chosen to display their artwork. “We try to split it up so that each teacher gets to pick two kids, this also allows for different types of pieces to be displayed,” Davis said.

Junior Samantha Parkinson was a participant in the exhibit last year. “It was fun to see my art on display and have it judged. I liked getting the comments and criticism from someone’s point of view other than my peers and teachers,” Parkinson said.

Davis said that the Great Frame Up mattes and frames all of the 2-D pieces and makes a display for the 3-D works. Davis also said that the opportunity is beneficial to the students involved, “Kids get to see their work in a professional manner, which is cool.”

Parkinson, who received a first place on the bracelet she submitted last year, said the experience was a good one. “It made me feel good that I had enough talent and potential to do it as a career if I wanted to,” Parkinson said.

“It was a great exhibit and it was definitely beneficial to me. Other people’s artwork was displayed and we got to see what everyone else was doing. It was amazing,” Parkinson said.