Women’s lacrosse team to play Hinsdale Central on April 27.


Mary Rose Ramsey, women’s lacrosse player and senior, runs toward the goal with the ball as lacrosse team players follow. The team won against Cathedral 13-9.

Kelly Truax

The game will start at 2 p.m. at Murray Stadium. The team worked on different fundamentals during practice in preparation for the game. Kara Koch women’s lacrosse player and senior explained the different drills.

“We’ve been working on basic skills like catching, throwing, ground balls and stuff like that. We’ve been doing some drills with defense and offense training and (practicing) certain plays,” Koch said.

Head Coach Joshua Miller said the team has determination which is a trait he said is not present in every team.

“We were down five goals maybe six, to Cathedral and they came back and won that. I think that showed a lot of determination from them and I know I was impressed and the other coaches were certainly impressed. I think that was a lot of determination and grit that we hadn’t seen from a lot of our teams. When we get down we tend to go into a shell and this group didn’t do (that) and it was awesome to see it,” Miller said

Koch said the people involved in the lacrosse program are her favorite part of the sport and encourage her to keep playing.

Koch said “(My favorite part is) the people. I love the coaches, I love my fellow teammates and I like just having a good time.”