School district to introduce “Catch My Breath” program


Senior Sumeir Ahmed watches a game of basketball during period B3. Ahmed said he was previously completing his math homework.

Sam Shi

The Carmel Clay School district will be introducing a new program called “Catch My Breath” this spring to educate students and parents about e-cigarettes and to prevent its usage. This program will be introduced in all wellness classes in Carmel’s middle schools and all health classes at CHS.

The school board had a regular meeting on March 25, which included a presentation on e-cigarettes and its impacts on students. The presentation is available online on Carmel Clay Schools’ YouTube account. School board president Mike Kerschner said the presentation speaks for itself and the issue of e-cigarettes is a serious issue.

Senior Sumeir Ahmed said he has personally seen the problem of e-cigarettes at CHS.

“I’ve heard a lot of my friends talking about it and how they used (e-cigarettes) and I just think that people do deserve their free choice, but I think that there are a lot of people using it and it definitely is not okay (to use e-cigarettes) in an educational environment.”