Champions Together to prepare for next year


Co-president and senior Emily Elzinga holds her Champions Together locker sign. She said, “We have a binder that has been passed down through the past few years that contains all of the materials used for planning.” The co-presidents will use the binder to plan for next year.

Angela Qian

Champions Together is finished for the year. At their last meeting on April 19, members discussed the plans for next year and a summer program open to committee members.

“(The summer program) is through the Hamilton County Community Tennis Association, and there are eight sessions during the summer,” co-president and senior Emily Elzinga said via email. “Kids in 1st to 4th grade will read a book, do educational activities and complete a fitness challenge.”

Elzinga said the club may also implement some changes for next year.

“We have discussed designating a chairperson for each event who would take the lead, while the three students on leadership would be there to help oversee everything,” she said. “It is a good way to get the committee more involved.”

Sophomores Audra Marchese and Sophie Gates are on leadership, but the third is yet to be decided.

At the meeting, members also discussed how they wanted to distribute the money the club raised throughout the past year.

Bruce Wolf, sponsor and assistant athletic director said, “(Club members) did vote to send $3,500 to Special Olympics.”

This is about half of the money amassed from Mr. Carmel, which raised nearly $7,000. By Angela Qian