School board to plan for new school year


School board president Mike Kerschner and the rest of the school board discuss the Monday meeting agenda. Kerschner said the school board is elected and serve along with other things, to help the superintendent do his job.

Raphael Li

The school board to host its next school board meeting on Sept. 9.

According to school board president Mike Kerschner, the meetings are scheduled every other week. A board workshop meeting where a presentation is given on a topic and regular board meetings are alternating every meeting. This month’s topic was on the process behind school certification by outside programs.

“The school has 3 responsibilities. One is to supervise and hire the superintendent… Two is to set policy and the tone of the district, (determining) what the priorities are,” Kerschner said. “We have guiding principles, and the first one is that students are at the center of our decision. The third is to supervise the financial activity of the district, but again like hiring the superintendent, the superintendent has that responsibility to deal it day-to-day.”

Some students such as junior Tyler Dierckman are supportive of what the school board does for Carmel.

“The school board is great because they support the students and allow us to have many opportunities within and out of the school to better ourselves as people,” said Dierckman.