Charisma dance team begins season


From left to right: Seniors Kendall Greene, Sophia Pachciarz, Maddy Massa, Coach Wolff, Lexi Dungey, Avery Iverson, Brianna Cox and Lauren Clark pose together at their first game of the year. “I am so excited for all of our performances this season,” said Iverson.

The Charisma dance team has officially began their 2019 seasons by performing at the halftime of mens and girls soccer games. 
The team is currently working on creating new dances that reflect their new choreography. They practice three days a week for two hours. To be a member, a certain level of qualifications are to be met in order to make the roster. 
“To be part of Charisma, you need a double turn, basic leap, hip hop moves and flexibility skills such as a kick and the splits,” said head coach Sarah Wolff. 
Wolff has been the coach of Charisma for several years, contributing to the qualities that make each year different. 
Second-year veteran member and senior Avery Iverson said she is enjoying her second season as a dancer.
“I am really excited for the rest of the season,” Iverson said. “We have all of our performances scheduled and are looking forward to it.”
Dancer and junior Maddy Massa has been a part of the team for three years, making year her senior season. At the end of the season, each senior, such as Massa and Iverson, will be honored at a performance.
“I really enjoy it,” Massa said. “We work on new dances every week for each of our performances. We perform during halftime of men’s and girls’ soccer games.”