National Chinese Honors Society begins planning activities


National Chinese Honors Society sponsor Tungfen Lee looks at the NCHS flyer for this year’s events. According to Lee, NCHS is trying to appeal to middle schoolers and are trying to have a more prominent role in CHS by “appearing (and being) heard more” in CHS culture.

Nathan Huang

National Chinese Honors Society (NCHS) will begin the year with its activity at the library on Sept. 19. The goal of the society is to enrich and immerse students with information about Chinese culture. It also provides an opportunity for Chinese students to provide back to the community. According to Tungfen Lee, club sponsor and Chinese teacher, the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL) will present many of the activities.

“We will have many events throughout the year. We are still working on the schedule and flyer for the club,” Tungfen said. “NCHS is very prestigious in the way our members are chosen later in the year (mid-October) and must maintain very high grades and a solid GPA. To be accepted into NCHS is quite an honor.”

NCHS member and secretary Henry Liu said that NCHS is beginning and will feature many entertaining ideas.

“Last year for the Chinese yo-yo (Diabolo) event we brought in a professional Chinese yo-yo player guest. There were a lot of American and Chinese kids that came just to learn the Chinese yo-yo,” Liu said. “Currently I am a secretary, so I do a lot of things. I bought food for the homecoming event, bought supplies for our yearly events, and I also helped design the posters. I will also help advocate some of the events we are planning to host.”

The National Chinese Honors society is all about helping out the Chinese community.

“My teacher initially invited me because I was a good student in Chinese class, but now I want to help out in the Chinese community,” Liu said. “Our goal this year is to finish these events successfully and make it more fun and different than last year’s events. We want to help our future members for next year to get used to the events and become better leaders.”