The Name Game: Students should make effort to learn classmates’ names to make them feel appreciated

The Name Game: Students should make effort to learn classmates' names to make them feel appreciated

Emily Carlisle

Last year, I interacted with a person at least once every other day, but I knew his name long before he knew mine. In fact, it took him almost the whole year to learn my name, and he learned it eventually only because of a mutual friend. Now, he says since we are friends, he “has a reason to know it,” but was I, a person he often interacted with, not a good enough reason alone to learn my name?

I am an outgoing and friendly person; however, I will admit it can take me awhile to learn names. That being said, I always try my best to remember who people are. I do this because I feel appreciated when someone I don’t know that well cares enough to address me by name.

For example, when I worked at a retail store, someone,  with whom I now share a class but had never talked to before, said hello to me by addressing me by name. I was stunned because I had no clue she knew who I was, but it felt nice to know that people know who I am.

It is easy to feel forgotten in a school of 5,600. Making an effort to get to know someone can really make their day. Next time you come face-to-face with someone you don’t know, take the time to get to know them. Who knows, they could become your new best friend.

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